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Course Overview & Cost

A security guard/officer is an individual employed by a contract security company or a proprietary security organization to protect persons and/or property from criminal activities.

Alliance Training and Testing LLC place major emphasis on successfully preparing our students for challenging careers in the security field. Our modern and practical approach to education provides our graduates with the necessary skills essential to obtain responsible unarmed security positions in business and industry. Our exceptional unarmed security training curriculum exceeds the State of Tennessee Requirements by also incorporating The Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guidelines established by ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals.

Course Cost $30

Course Description

This segment examines the use of force continuum and basic de-escalation techniques as well as the legal powers and limitations of a security guard/officer.

Course Learning Objective & Suggested Audience

The objective of this course is to train individuals to renew an unarmed security license in the State of Tennessee.

This course is fully approved by the State of Tennessee Private Protective Services and satisfies all requirements to renew an Unarmed Security License in the State of Tennessee.

This course is for anyone interested in Renewing an Unarmed Security Guard License in the State of Tennessee.

Course Prerequisites

Each Student Must:

Have a Current Tennessee Unarmed Security Guard License that is Not More than 90 Days Past the Expiration Date.  If your license is 90 Days Past the Expiration Date you will need to complete the 4-Hour General Training for Unarmed Security License.

Be at least 18 years of age for registration as an unarmed security guard.

Be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien.

Not have been declared by any court of competent jurisdiction incompetent by reason of a mental defect or disease unless a court of competent jurisdiction has since declared the applicant competent.

Not be suffering from habitual drunkenness or narcotics addiction or dependence.

Not having any disability that, in the opinion of the commissioner, prevents the applicant from performing the duties of a security guard/officer.

Be of good moral character.

If convicted in any jurisdiction of any of the crimes listed in this subdivision (4), have completed serving sentence or court-ordered probation at least five (5) years prior to application. Conviction of the following crimes shall disqualify an applicant, subject to the conditions stated in this section:

(A) Any felony; or

(B) Any misdemeanor involving:

(i) Shooting a firearm or other weapon;

(ii) Shoplifting;

(iii) Assault and battery or other act of violence against persons or property;

(iv) Crimes involving the sale, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, controlled 

      substance analogues, drugs or narcotics;

(v) Theft of property; or

(vi) Theft of services;

Course Schedule | Duration | Location

Course Schedule:

This course is available on demand. On-demand availability provides students the ability to complete the course on their schedule and at their pace. Students may start and stop at any time and as often as necessary to accommodate their schedule; students may start the course on one device and continue on another.

Course Duration:

The entire course, including progress quizzes, and the 50-question final exam, is designed to be completed in 2.5 - 3 hours.


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Course Attendance & Completion Requirements

Course Attendance:

To meet attendance requirements, participants must entirely review each training module and complete all required course quizzes and the course final examination. Students must view each video without manipulation, fast-forwarding, or skipping forward. Students must successfully review each video module and complete the related progress quiz with a score of < 70% in order to proceed to the next training module.

Course Completion:

The mandatory completion/duration period for this course is 30 days from the registration date. After 30 days, access will be removed. Participants will have three attempts to pass the final examination.

Course Technical Requirements & Renewals

Course Technical Requirements:

This course is fully mobile responsive and can be completed with any phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.


Unarmed Guard/Officers renew registration every two (2) years and are required to complete two (2) hours of refresher training.

Standard of Conduct Agreement

If a student is found to have not been the person who completed all the coursework and / or final exam, the penalty may include but is not limited to, expulsion, permanent foreclosure from future classes, forfeiture of the course completion certificate, or all of the above in accordance with Alliance Training & Testing LLC Standard of Conduct.

If applicable, a letter notifying the student’s sponsoring company or organization of the individual's misconduct will be sent by Alliance Training & Testing LLC to the appropriate official.

All violations of our Standard of Conduct will be immediately reported directly to The State of Tennessee Private Protective Services.

Alliance Training & Testing LLC will formally request that the student’s unarmed license be immediately suspended and/or revoked for violating our Standard of Conduct.

By purchasing this course, you agree that completion of this entire course and the final examination will be an individual effort.

Purchase Agreement

By making this purchase, you affirm that you:

Can read, write, and comprehend Standard English text.

Can speak and comprehend the English Language.

Are eligible for Unarmed Security Officer/Guard training in accordance with the State of Tennessee Private Protective Services requirements.

Are eligible to work in the State of Tennessee and meet all Citizenship Eligibility Requirements in accordance with the State of Tennessee Private Protective Services requirements.

Unarmed students are required to pass a multiple-choice test scoring<70%, on the Unarmed Exam, therefore we make no guarantees of successful completion or licensure.

Alliance Training and Testing LLC is a privately owned and operated training center and we reserve the right to refuse to train or certify any student for any reason whatsoever.

Return Policy

This is a Non-Refundable Course Access Fee.

We do not offer Exchanges, Returns, or Refunds of any kind.

All sales of products and services are final. All online students will have access to complete the course for 30 days from the date of purchase.

It is the responsibility of the "Trainee" to submit the application to the State of Tennessee along with the applicable fee.

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