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Some people prefer to read information online, while others like reading on their mobile devices. We aim to provide both options so everyone can get the information they need in a way that best suits their needs. The app has been designed for mobile devices, allowing users to access the content easily and quickly without zooming in or out to read too small or large text.

We have also ensured that all links within the app function correctly so that users can easily navigate from one page to the next with no problems. All information is regularly updated, ensuring that users access the latest and most accurate data.

The app is designed with simplicity in mind. The layout is easy to understand, and users can quickly find the information they need without searching through a lot of text. The font is large and easy to read, making it ideal for mobile devices.

The app is designed to provide students and strategic partners of Alliance Training and Testing easy access to critical information such as:

– Purchase and schedule online, armed and unarmed security license training services offered by Alliance Training and Testing for the State of Tennessee

– Review eligibility requirements and instructions to become a licensed security guard in the State of Tennessee

– Access free eBook with step by step instructions to complete the security guard licensing process after completing the requisite training

– Link to check on license status once the application is submitted

– Link to Job Posting board to assist students with job placement

– Link for Strategic Partners to post new job opportunities and vacancies

– Email link for students and strategic partners to quickly contact Alliance Training and Testing

– Class Schedule where students and strategic partners can view upcoming class dates

– Map to navigate to Alliance Training and Testing

– Links to the company website, online training website, store, blog, and social media links of Alliance Training and Testing

There are no confusing in-app purchases or hidden costs that require users to spend money to access the product’s full version. There are also no advertisements.

We hope that our new app will be a valuable resource for students and strategic partners of Alliance Training and Testing. We encourage everyone to download the app and let us know what you think. Thank you for your continued support!

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